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April 30, 2018

Causes and prevention of pediatric dental decay in Longmont

Longmont kids dentist

Childhood dental decay occurs for many of the same reasons that adult decay does. However, it's true that your child's baby teeth are especially prone to cavities, and that when he or she loses one of them before it is supposed to fall out on its own, there is a strong possibility that the situation could lead to complications with proper space being available for adult teeth to erupt. At Avanti Dental Care, our goal is to keep your child from the worst consequences of dental decay and the resulting cavities.

Dental plaque is the main reason why decay occurs, and sugar consumption acts as a catalyst for still more of it to develop. You should try to keep your child's sugar intake to a minimum. Our Longmont kids dentist can offer helpful tips, such as incorporating sweet treats into meals. Watch for less obvious sources of sugar, such as in 100% fruit juice and condiments like ketchup. Because of the hazards of plaque, daily brushing, including after meals, is recommended. She or he should also floss thoroughly once per day. Brushing and flossing are most effective when proper technique is used, and our Longmont kids dentist will show your child the best way to do both. Plaque that is not removed with at-home oral hygiene hardens into tartar, for which the only way to eliminate it is with a professional teeth cleanings. At our office, that's a big part of a twice-yearly visit. There are two other great and simple ways to prevent dental decay, and they are fluoride treatments and sealants. It's wise to take advantage of all the tools that are available to keep your child's teeth strong, healthy, and intact.

While you're thinking about it, contact our office right now and set up an appointment for your child to come in and see our Longmont kids dentist for optimal prevention of dental decay.

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